How I Work With You

Mary Goodenow is a licensed professional with over 30+ years experience. She works one-on-one with each client to meet their unique needs in a private, nurturing environment. She designs a “Personal Brain Training Program” to meet the individual’s goals based on diagnostic testing. Once you build the brain’s muscle and learn how to properly use it, it will stay in shape for a lifetime.
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Brain Training

The proprietary BrainTrain® software, available through Dallas Brain Coach, has been rigorously constructed by scientists with knowledge of the brain and is based on scientific research and field studies. Unlike game based computer programs, this exclusive software program provides long-term improvements that cross-train a broad range of cognitive skilles, integrating them to work together for maximum benefit. Learn More
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Benefits of BrainTrain® Scientific Process

  • Boosts the brain’s learning potential for ages 6-96.
  • Strengthens essential thinking skills needed to become more successful in school and in life.
  • Offers valuable techniques to help students and adults with ADD/ADHD focus on classwork or job related tasks.
  • Improves cognitive function for those with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and other learning disabilities.
  • Enhances natural abilities of academically gifted learners.
  • Provides the tools high school and college students with learning issues require to excel.
  • Increases quality of life in older adults experiencing forgetfulness, auditory/visual processing difficulties and other cognitive issues.

What Clients Are Saying

After completing the Brain Training Program, my daughter’s focusing ability greatly improved, she was much more organized and she was better able to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.  Her self-confidence soared as well!
Karen C., Highland Park, TX
Cognitive training (from the Dallas Brain Coach) helped both of our children to cut through the noise and get their tasks done. They are getting more out of school now and having more fun doing it.
Eric M., Plano, TX