Mary will test you to determine the accommodations for which you qualify and provide you with a current assessment report which includes recommended modifications for your college.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility, not the parents, high school, or college, to request disability services including accommodations. Mary’s job is to help provide documentation to be submitted with the accommodations request.

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Step 1: Complete A Comprehensive Psycho-Educational Assessment

I start by reviewing information from the student and family as well as any teacher reports, report cards and high school transcripts available. This data provides a baseline for the assessment that incorporates recommendations and a diagnosis based on test results.

The assessment includes:

  • Language, Physical, Social, Emotional, IQ, and Achievement Tests administered
  • Background information and review of educational history including: grades, transcript, standardized testing, prior educational evaluations, and any accommodations and/or services received
  • Current information from student interview, and parent and teacher reports

Step 2: Provide Comprehensive Written Assessment Report and Recommended Action Plan

Once I’ve identified what you need to succeed in college, I will provide this information to you and your college.

For your college, here are some of the accommodations that may be recommended:

  • Extended time on tests, altered test formats, quiet test locations
  • Having a notetaker in class
  • Class notes and/or a syllabus with an outline prior to lectures
  • Permission to record lectures, and access to recording equipment
  • Reduced course load and extended time to complete degree plan

For you, here are some of the possible recommendations to make you a more successful student:

  • Brain Training software
  • Assistive Technology such as speech recognition software
  • Strengthening communication skills / vocabulary
  • Ideas to take advantage of your learning style

“With help from Dallas Brain Coach I was able to find out which accommodations I needed to ask the university for while I was testing. It made all the difference in my ability to focus and make better grades.”
Steve M., Freshman, Southern Methodist University



Further Information.

Colleges and universities are required by law to provide “reasonable accommodations” to students with disabilities.

Each college or university has its own requirements for documentation necessary to prove the existence of a disability and the need for accommodations. Mary will work with your school to provide the documentation they require. Documentation of the disability must be current and should reflect your abilities as well as your limitations; include a description of all tests administered and results, diagnosis, and a list of accommodations necessary for you to be successful in your educational program.

Most colleges and universities have a Disabilities Services Office, or an ADA or Section 504 Coordinator. If neither resource exists at your school, ask the Dean of Student Affairs or your Academic Advisor. Be sure to make any request in writing and keep copies of all correspondence.

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