What is Brain Training?

The proprietary BrainTrain® software, available through Dallas Brain Coach, has been rigorously constructed by scientists with knowledge of the brain and is based on scientific research and field studies. Unlike game based computer programs, this exclusive software program provides long-term improvements that encompass a broad range of cognitive and everyday activities across the life span.

Mary creates a one-on-one program for each client incorporating customized computer exercises and individual coaching. Clients progress through a series of specifically chosen brain “exercises” which gradually increase in complexity and difficulty. A typical program consists of 21, 1 hour sessions, attended 2 to 3 times per week.

Who Needs Brain Training?

Many students and adults struggle with everyday tasks and activities. Brain Training is designed to make improvements in cognitive functions across many abilities by targeting these areas:

  • Memory, Executive Functioning & Listening
  • Reading, Mental Math & Problem-Solving
  • Impulsivity, Hyperactivity & Over-Stimulation
  • Inattentiveness & Concentration
  • Processing Speed, & Reaction Time
  • Perception, Planning, & Judgment

Why Computerized Brain Training?

Computerized Brain Training exercises:

  • Are Fun, Challenging & Motivating
  • Provide Immediate Positive Feedback
  • Increase Self-esteem
  • Increase Maturity and Independence
  • Improve Social Cue Awareness
  • Increase Patience
  • Reduce Anxiety and Frustraion

Who can benefit from Brain Training?

Healthy Children, Adolescents, College Students, Adults, and the Gifted can all Benefit from Brain Training. Additionally, those with special needs will benefit:

  • Dyslexia/Learning Disabilities
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Anxiety and/or Depression
  • Dementia, Stroke & Cognitive Impairments
  • “Chemo-Brain” Caused by Chemotherapy

Dallas Brain Coach will work in conjunction with your Physician and/or other Health Care Professional as you progress through the training course and jointly assist you in determining your ongoing needs for other programs, strategies and/or medications.

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Qualified Healthcare Professional Notice:  Cognitive or “Brain Training” software products are designed for mental fitness and educational purposes.  For best results, individuals diagnosed with psychological or medical disorders wishing to use these products do so under the supervision of a qualified health care professional.  No medical claims either express or implied are made for these products.  These products are not approved for any purpose by the Food and Drug Administration.