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Client Success Stories

Significant improvement in academics

Mary’s Cognitive Training has increased our son’s abilities to focus, stay on task, and overcome frustration. Her gentle personality and encouraging demeanor made it easier for him to stick with the program. From the time he first began seeing Mary, our son was excited to do the training. Even two years later, he is always happy to see her and upbeat about furthering his improvement. And he has transferred this encouragement to his work at school; we’ve seen significant improvement in his academics, especially in his reading. He feels comfortable at school now. Our whole family is thankful to Mary. Our son loves her, and our daughter does too!

Wendy and David
Parents of a 3rd grader
Dallas, TX

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Overwhelmed with homework

“Our daughter is very smart, but was having trouble focusing on work at school and was being buried in homework. She did the program over the summer. When school started, she had a much easier time keeping up and it has made school much more enjoyable for her.

With those results, when our son started having similar issues with school work, we started him on the training. By halfway through, we saw marked improvement in his ability to focus on school work. This improved further as the training was completed.

Cognitive training helped both of our children to cut through the noise and get their tasks done. They are getting more out of school now and having more fun doing it. They both really liked the sessions and always looked forward to them. Mary is great with kids and is always positive and encouraging!”

Eric M
Plano, TX


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Rushing through work

“My son was having trouble in 4th grade as the curriculum got harder. He had gotten in the habit of going through his work so quickly that he was making many mistakes and getting bad grades. This training gave him the focus that he needed to improve his grades and his confidence. Because of this he also is enjoying school much more than before.”

Mother of a 4th grade boy
Plano, TX

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Struggling to complete school work

“This training program made a world of difference for my daughter who was struggling to complete her school work in a timely manner without being distracted. She is now able to focus, finish her work, and have time left over to do more things she enjoys.”

Mother of a 6th grade girl
Plano, TX


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Mother of two students – Highland Park

“My fourth-grade daughter was having problems focusing during class and had trouble keeping up with her schoolwork.  We took her for testing, and found that she had issues with auditory processing.  After completing the Brain Training (Working Memory) Program, her focusing ability greatly improved, she was much more organized and she was better able to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.  Her self-confidence soared as well!

I also brought my kindergarten daughter for testing when she was having difficulty reading.  The testing indicated that she was not adequately processing information visually and we were referred to a therapeutic optometrist.  Had I not brought my kindergartener in for the initial consultation, we never would have been able to properly diagnose her problem.

I can’t say enough good things about the services provided and would highly recommend this Brain Training Program to anyone with learning difficulties.”

Mother of two daughters with learning differences
Highland Park, TX

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Student discontinued medication

“I just wanted to give you an update on my son and the first six weeks of school. As you know, he finished last school year on ADHD medication while he did the Cognitive Training.  He started this school year without ADHD medicine (he was off it all summer) to see how he did without it.  Well he did just wonderful!!  We did put him in Pre AP Language Arts and Algebra.  His lowest grade was an 82 in Language Arts and all his other grades were a 95 and above.  He did have two zero’s he had to make up (both in Language Arts), one on the second week and one on the third week.  He hasn’t had any since. I asked him if he still day dreamed at school and he said occasionally but that he can pull himself out of it now quicker.  I really think your program helped him to accomplish all of this and it’s a relief to have him off the medicine.  Thank you again for all of your help.”

Mother of an 8th grader
Wylie, TX


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Son’s anxiety decreased

“I see from the final progress report that my son’s anxiety has gone down and his IQ went up. He does not seem as anxious at all and I think his confidence has improved.

I would say that there has definitely been a positive change in his behavior since he started Cognitive Training.  I do see that he is stopping to think before he acts much more than before. I am very pleased with what the training has done to help him and would recommend this program to other parents struggling with their child’s learning and behavioral issues.  Thank you very much for all your help.”


Mother of a 5th grader
Forney, TX

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You are teaching our children strategies

“In third grade, Caleb was diagnosed with ADD. For the following 18 months, he was on 5 different medications, had difficulty sleeping, lost almost 20 pounds and seemed more hyper than ever if he missed a dose. He looked unhealthy and he hated how he felt on the medications. Plus, the medicines weren’t very effective and the next step was to send Caleb to a pediatric psychiatrist, which we didn’t want to pursue.

After being referred to you by a dear friend, we decided to put Caleb through the program. The changes started becoming evident just after 10 sessions. His self-esteem sky rocketed. His anxiety levels about test taking began diminishing quickly. His teacher said that he was very enthusiastic about the program and she noticed great changes in his behavior. He became more of a leader in the classroom and performed better academically.

Caleb completed the program days before the TAKS testing took place. Caleb passed the reading and math TAKS and received commended performance on the Writing portion — all without any special provisions being made for him — and most importantly– without medication.

Caleb has been off ADD medicine since March 19, 2008. He’s healthy again. He sleeps well and has regained the weight that he had lost. None of this would have been possible without you and your program. We are so grateful for the work that you’re doing and your great dedication to children coping with ADD. You are providing long term solutions, teaching our children strategies so they can overcome these challenges and be everything they are capable of being.

Thank you again for all that you do….you are changing lives!!!”
Michelle C.
Bedford, TX

Opening new doors to learning

“Thank you for changing my son’s life. You have opened a new door to learning for him. He has more self-confidence when approaching his reading assignments. Thank you again for all of your help. God bless you.”

Yolanda P.
Garland, TX

Helped me with athletics

“Where I noticed brain training helping me the most was in athletics. I was able to focus and concentrate so much better in PE that I was asked by the coaches to join the football team. In a recent game, I caught the ball and ran 89 yards for a touchdown to win the game in the final seconds of the 4th quarter.”

Dallas Area Middle School Student