Mary Goodenow is a licensed professional with over 30+ years experience. She works one-on-one with each client to meet their unique needs in a private, nurturing environment. She designs a “Personal Brain Training Program” to meet the individual’s goals based on diagnostic testing. Once you build the brain’s muscle and learn how to properly use it, it will stay in shape for a lifetime.

1:The Evaluation

Each new client receives a Comprehensive Interview based on information provided by the client and/or family. Next, the Cognitive Screening Evaluation is administered to measure: attention, memory, self-control, processing speed, problem solving ability, visual and auditory processing, listening comprehension, and executive functioning. The results are then analyzed and a report with recommendations provided.

2:Custom Program

Taking a “whole person” approach, I review the Cognitive Screening Evaluation and develop a personalized brain training course utilizing scientifically designed software to boost the brain’s learning potential.

3:Brain Training

Mary creates a one-on-one program for each client incorporating customized computer exercises and individual coaching. Clients progress through a series of specifically chosen brain “exercises” which gradually increase in complexity and difficulty.Learn More


Upon completion of the individual’s plan, I meet with the client and family to review cumulative progress graphs, identify specific strengths and weaknesses, and provided recommendations. Most clients need little, if any, follow-up beyond the initial Brain Training program.

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