Brain Training has many benefits including increasing focus and concentration which in turn improves test taking skills and grades. However, the greatest underlying benefit is improved self-confidence.

Once a student realizes they can be successful at whatever task they are attempting, a whole new world opens up. Success builds on success. Your child can gain these abilities in as little as 21 sessions and the improvements made are continued over time. Once learned, the brain does not forget—just like riding a bicycle or leaning a musical instrument.

Giving your child this life altering experience is well worth the time and expense. Not only will your child be exposed to the newest, scientifically based computer programs, he or she will have a one-on-one Brain Coach.

Unlike a tutor that puts emphasis on one skill area, Dallas Brain Coach focuses on the core mental abilities that have the greatest impact on education: working memory, visual and auditory processing, mental processing speed, and attention.

Improving these skills and abilities helps your child build the foundation necessary for learning.

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